Free for all


Some people argue that the Internet is the equivalent of a supermarket where you never have to pay for anything. Others say that the costs of internet use go far beyond money. As with so many debates that focus on the ethics of information technology, both are perfectly valid points of view, and paradoxically some people believe both at the same time.

Re: We’re all cyborgs now


This talk brought together the quite a lot of the key ideas from a bunch of texts that I’ve called ‘big ideas in tech’ on the course I teach. I’ll go through them one by one here. Everyone is carrying a wormhole in their pocket This idea of bending time and space is what Peter Drucker termed mental geography in an article published in The Atlantic in 1999. In it, Drucker describes the...

In response to Ken Robinson


I love Ken Robinson, and think he makes a lot of really good points in the talk above. I think he’s right that the systems of education that I have encountered (English National Curriculum & International Baccalaureate) can squeeze out individualism, talent and passion in exchange for all students meeting mandatory minimums in the areas of knowledge & skill that policymakers believe...

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